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Print Posted By Almadina Halal Meat & Deli on 04/21/2017


AMNE (ANNE) NASHMAN Amne Nashman left Lala,Lebanon in 1953, on a journey that would take her to Canada. From Lala, she would go to Beirut where she would get on the ship headed for her new home. The boat trip to Canada would take about twenty-five days. Her ship docked in Halifax and then she travelled to Toronto. From Toronto, she made her way to Calgary. In Calgary, she would be greeted by her husband, who at the time, was living with relatives in the town of Tofield, Alberta. Amne had brought a two year old child with her and she was only eighteen years old at the time. Her English was very limited, but she was able to get along as she travelled to her new Edmonton home. Her husband was brought to Canada by a relative named Willie Nashman. He would be employed by the City of Edmonton for twenty-five years. Mr. and Mrs. Nashman would raise ten children and they were extremely proud,that all of the children became very well- educated. When the couple arrived in Edmonton from Calgary, they would live with Mahmoud and Ramzie Tarrabain for about three years. Then they would buy their own house.During the beginning days in Edmonton,Amne met a number of Muslim women who helped her get established in the community. This group of women included Mary Awid, Margaret Ailley and Hilwie Hamdon. Amne says that Hilwie made her the woman that she is today. Hilwie Hamdon encouraged Amne to know English well. She told the young Amne to say hello and How are you? plus other words over and over so that the English would stick in her mind. Amne was then encouraged by Hilwie to become the President of the Social Committee which the ladies Muslim group had established. Amne would be the President of the Social Committee for four years. She remembers,fondly, how the ladies made things like fatayer , kibbee and cabbage rolls on Friday evenings and then invite a group over to the house so that they could share in enjoying the freshly-made food. Amne Nashman says that Hilwie Hamdon treated her as if Amne was Hilwie's own daughter. Ramzie Tarrabain was another person who got Amne involved with the Al Rashid Mosque. Amne, also, thinks of the olden days when the community worked so hard in those days in order to achieve the numerous goals they had set for themselves. She admires what the community has accomplished since she came to Canada. When asked if she liked Edmonton when she first came, Amne's answer is a very strong no. She was very homesick at the time and said that she wanted to return to Lebanon. A relative said that he would buy her a ticket which would take her back to Lebanon the next day and then she could return home. Amne, at the time did not realize that the relative was just joking with her about going back to Lebanon. Amne Anne Nashman continues to live in Edmonton today.
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